Why choose WildFit Surrey for your corporate team building?

At WildFit Surrey we believe those that play together stay together and those that play in the outdoors are healthier and better performing!

At WildFit Surrey we believe those that play together stay together and those that play in the outdoors are healthier and better performing!


Bringing your workforce together face-to-face has never been as important as it is today with working from home, agile and hybrid working.

Wildfit Surrey’s 10 acre outdoor site with 30 station obstacle course, Tipi and stretch tent provides the perfect venue and expertise for corporate team building and corporate health.  Situated in an amazing countryside location within an hour of London, surrounded by farmland and views up to the North Downs. Imagine your team sitting around the campfire communicating, learning, engaged in camaraderie or building confidence and trust on the obstacles, challenges and games.

Disengaged teams costs trillions in lost productivity!

44% of adults under 25 don’t have friends in their workplace, and 23% suffer from loneliness and workplace isolation?

And that feelings of isolation reduce productivity by 21%?

Team building at WildFit Surrey is the process of encouraging members of a group to work well together.  Team building is a process that helps a work group evolve into a cohesive unit. The team members not only share expectations for accomplishing group tasks, but trust and support one another and respect one another’s individual differences.

Team bonding

Moving, creating and playing helps bond people.  When people play together, they become more attuned to each other. 

Team development

Problem solving – the problem is not the problem, the problem is how you react to the problem. People who have engaged in play throughout their lives and can bring that emotion to their problems are able to do well at work/life-related tasks that at first might seem to have no connection to play at all. 

Corporate health & well-being

As well as team building, in conjunction with olliemartin.com and the Uncommon Sense approach, WildFit Surrey also specialise in corporate wellbeing. Including practical and applicable well-being workshops in a team environment strengthens bonds but also produces well-being confidence and accountability for individuals.

Outdoor in nature team building 

Nature enhances empathy and creativity.  Numerous studies show the importance of our environment on our creativity and performance.  WildFit Surrey is set in 10 acres of beautiful countryside surrounded by farm fields with views up to the North Downs.

Anti-fragility not just resilience

Antifragile is the opposite of fragile and a step further than resilience. Fragile breaks easily, resilient  stays strong up until a point and is then overwhelmed – the scenario of a water dam being overwhelmed by a freak and unpredicted flood. This is also exactly what happens in many peoples’ bodies. The body robustly resists illness and injury until it is overwhelmed and disease sets in. 

Antifragile describes a team or organism that actually gets stronger from the random (disordered) stresses that are placed on it. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same whereas the antifragile get better.  

WildFit Surrey produces antifragile individuals and team.

To finish, five questions for you:

  1. Have there been any changes within the team or organisation that may require team members to reconnect and align on new goals and strategies?
  2. Are there any pressing issues or conflicts within the team that need to be addressed?
  3. Are team members feeling burnt out, stressed or overwhelmed by their day to responsibilities?
  4. Has there been a lack of collaboration among team members that has impacted productivity or morale?
  5. iI there a need to build trust and strengthen relationships among team members or to provide opportunities for team members to share ideas and experiences outside of the office?

If so, WildFit Surrey team building and corporate wellness could be for you.

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