Meet Ollie Martin

An author, sports scientist and fitness coach, Ollie is passionate about the benefits of exercising outdoors. He founded WildFit Surrey so that everyone, of any age or fitness level, can have fun while training in an exhilarating rural setting.

Sports scientist

With a background in sport and a sports science degree, Ollie set up a personal training business and Take Shape gym here at Brewer Street in 2002, which he ran alongside the outdoor fitness centre. However, always a firm advocate of the benefits of exercising in the open air, he decided to close the door on the indoor gym and base all his fitness training around the outside obstacle course, power play area and stretch tent. Hence our new name WildFit Surrey.

Five minutes with Ollie

1. What led you to develop WildFit Surrey?

As soon as I opened up a gym, I knew I wanted an outdoor space, and I’ve had that at the farm for more than 20 years. Exercising in the great outdoors has always been part of the idea.

2. Have sport and fitness always been part of your life?

Yes. I played rugby semi-professionally, then studied to be a sports scientist. I then worked in marketing and even though it was sports related, I couldn’t wait to get out from behind the desk and work in fitness again.

3. What would be your advice for anyone thinking about coming along to WildFit Surrey?

Just come and give it a go! Don’t worry about the weather, in fact that’s part of the experience and keeps things fresh; wear the right clothing; make the most of using nature as your gym; and most of all, enjoy yourself.

4. What has been your proudest career moment?

A: I think writing the books. ‘Un-common Sense’ is a holistic approach to health and well-being. I wrote it because I wanted to help people, not only to get fit, but to know how to look after yourself, considering the psyche, rest and repair. And Ski Fitness, which is a detailed specific performance programme. I want people to enjoy their fitness and find out as much as they can.

5. How would you sum up the WildFit Surrey experience?

A: It’s fun, natural and motivational. Time spent here really does lift the spirits and gives people a sense of freedom in a way that pounding a treadmill in a gym simply can’t.

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WildFit Surrey offers individual and group circuit sessions, children’s activities, holistic retreats, teambuilding, events and much more.

Immerse yourself in nature as you run, climb, scramble and swing around our obstacle adventure. WildFit Surrey boosts fitness and provides a raft of wellbeing benefits. So come and de-stress while testing your physical ability among the trees!

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Enjoy a sense of freedom that you can’t get from pounding a treadmill in a gym. Come and try our Outdoor Circuits and we guarantee you’ll have a good time.

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“Training with Ollie will be nothing like you’ve ever done before and I can guarantee you’ll wish you had found it years ago!”

57-year-old sports therapist Alex


“I came here with my friends. We wanted to get fit and have a good time while doing it. Although it really challenged us, we laughed the whole way round. By the end we were both exhilarated and exhausted.”



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