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In the increasing phone and screen based teenage world it is vital to encourage teenagers to keep fit.

How can WildFit Surrey help keep teenagers fit?

In the increasing phone and screen based teenage world it is vital to encourage teenagers to keep fit.  Obviously, the lure of fitness tracking apps, online fitness, even smart mirrors is appealing but WildFit offers a screen free fitness adventure.

Adventure – the outdoor obstacles with trees, streams, logs to fall off provide an element of risk and therefore endorphin reward on completion.

Natural – the beautiful countryside surroundings with trees to climb, streams to jump, ropes to swing on help combat ‘nature deficit disorder’ in teenagers – proven to help with mood, anxiety, confidence.

Body weight strength – most of the obstacles require body weight strength work which naturally builds a strong core, strengthens muscles and helps with body weight optimisation.

Dirty – we find both the girls and boys love getting dirty a welcome break from the ‘clean’ world of fashion.  A bit if dirt is great for the microbiome and overall health.

Group – our 10 acres of space means you can bring small or large groups of teenagers.

Sport conditioning – the ‘cross fitness’ nature of the obstacle course enables a great pre, mid or off-season conditioning event for sports teams – creating resilient athletes.

Fun – the outdoors, the obstacles and the WildFit ethos of ‘play-based’ fitness .

And, lastly, but not least 😉 – great photos for social media!

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WildFit Surrey offers individual and group circuit sessions, children’s activities, holistic retreats, teambuilding, events and much more.

Immerse yourself in nature as you run, climb, scramble and swing around our obstacle adventure. WildFit Surrey boosts fitness and provides a raft of wellbeing benefits. So come and de-stress while testing your physical ability among the trees!

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Enjoy a sense of freedom that you can’t get from pounding a treadmill in a gym. Come and try our Outdoor Circuits and we guarantee you’ll have a good time.

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“Training with Ollie will be nothing like you’ve ever done before and I can guarantee you’ll wish you had found it years ago!”

57-year-old sports therapist Alex


“I came here with my friends. We wanted to get fit and have a good time while doing it. Although it really challenged us, we laughed the whole way round. By the end we were both exhilarated and exhausted.”



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