Axe throwing

Are you ready to channel your wild warrior? This brand-new, hour long experience is not just the perfect stress-reliever but bags of fun. Get ready to enjoy the thrill of flinging an axe at a target in the great outdoors, as you aim for the all-important bullseye.

Why come axe throwing?

It’s great fun and you’ll Feel Better. The force you exert and the feeling of release when you throw the axe are amazingly stress-relieving, which will make you feel so much better after. If you have any pent-up tension or emotions you need to release but couldn’t put them into words, then you should try throwing an axe at the target!

What Muscles Are Being Used?

Axe throwing builds up your core, your lats, your shoulders, and your arm muscles. And, if you use the correct stance, your calves will get a workout as well. The motion of throwing your axe approximately 12 feet causes you to shift all of your weight forward. The strength of your throw comes from your core and your lower body. In order to throw the axe really hard, you must shift your weight from the back leg to your front leg with a lot of force. The great thing about this is, it’s a fun activity so you are not focused on the physical demands of this activity.

It’s Great For The Mind

Not only is axe throwing great for your body, but it is also good for your mental health. This activity can help release stress and anxious energy we tend to hold onto. Some compare the feeling of axe throwing to taking a long run; it helps them clear their mind. It’s also an easy way to let out pinned up anger and aggression. You can throw the axe as hard as you want to (without hurting yourself or others) without the fear of destroying something.

Is axe throwing safe?

Axe Throwing is generally a safe, challenging and fun activity for people of all abilities and backgrounds. If it’s done correctly there should really be no harm or danger.

How hard is axe throwing?

For some, it may come naturally, but for most, learning the proper technique will make axe throwing as easy as riding a bike. Axe throwing is not hard, you just need to ensure you understand how to throw the axe correctly, and you can improve your technique from there.

Team Building 

Great for getting to know your company and co-workers. I mean, how many trust falls can you really do? Why not have a friendly competition between departments to see how many points you can score? Come book us for your next company event, we promise it will be more entertaining than the last meeting you went to.

What age can axe throw?

At Wildfit Surrey you must be 13 or over. 

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