I the undersigned as parent/guardian the child listed below acknowledge and accept that;

  • The risk of injury from the activities involved with the obstacle course event is possible, including (but not limited to) the following; sprains, strains, fractures, heat and cold injuries, over-use injuries, animal bites/stings. Whilst WildFit Surrey has robust systems and processes in place to mitigate this, the risk of injury does exist.
  • After opportunity to fully inform myself about the obstacle course event, I knowingly accept all such risks exist.
  • Upon receipt of a verbal safety briefing from the WildFit Surrey instructors, your child will adhere to all of its content during their participation in the obstacle course circuits.
  • Your child is free from all illnesses and injuries that could interfere with their safe participation in the obstacle course event, and that they are sufficiently prepared to participate in all activities associated with the obstacle course event.
  • The participation in the obstacle course event including each obstacle, activity and exercise is entirely voluntary.
  • I consent to administration of first aid (by a first aid-trained instructor) in the event of injury or illness during the obstacle course circuits.
  • Unless I make it known to the contrary prior to the session commencing, I give consent for any photos or videos taken by instructors during the obstacle course circuits to be used by WildFit Surrey on their website and social media channels.
  • My child is ten years old or over.


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